Tips For Raya Preparation

Hari Raya Puasa marks the end of the fasting month. Aside from buying new baju raya, making home visitations, decorated houses commemorate this highly anticipated festival.

Well here’s this year’s Raya preparation – we’ve listed down 9 things you need to do to make it AWESOME!

1) Bake Cookies or Buy Them – What’s more exciting than bonding with your friends and family over a plate of scrumptious cookies? Butter cookies, ‘biskut kacang’, and many other baked delicacies could bring people discussing about the flavours and wonders of these tasty treats. So make sure you get those cookies ready for your guests to enjoy.

2) Learn To Cook Amazing Rendang

Brush up your cooking skills this coming Raya as you can’t miss out one of the most amazing gourmet – Rendang!. Even the thought of it sounds tempting and you could find your guests feasting with joy if your rendang tastes amazing. So get your recipes ready and start practising today!

3) Get Your House Cleaned

Besides uplifting the atmosphere in the house, cleaning also plays a part in keeping a dust-free and healthier home. Be sure to keep the compound cleaned, the grass mowed and the drains freed from shrubs.

4) Decorate Your House

Raya celebration will definitely be more joyous if the house is decorated and cleaned as it can lift up the guests’ spirit. Hence, you may want to consider getting your curtains replaced and shop for Raya knick knacks at the the nearest shopping mall.

5) Go Shopping For Baju Raya!

Raya month is your chance to show off your incredible fashion sense. Get your wallets ready and head on to the mall for shopping to get a new look. Be sure to also get your cameras ready as you’ll be expecting many OOTDs.

6) Prepare ‘Duit Raya’

Every year, during the month of Ramadhan, you’ll notice how crowded banks can be as our Muslim friends would be lining up at the bank to withdraw stacks of clean, crisp Ringgit notes to slip into green packets and distribute to their family and friends. So get those packets ready and bring some smiles to your guests!

7) Fill Your Playlist With Hari Raya Songs

On top of the lists of activities above, how can we miss out some Raya songs to lift up the mood and spirit of those who are celebrating? Be sure to get your playlist ready with a great selection of Raya songs for everyone to savour each moment.

8) Lights

What is Hari Raya celebration without lights? Homes and Shopping malls are usually colorfully decked out with fairy lights during these occasions. They can be easily brought from places like Ikea and are inexpensive and easy to install. Apart from this, there are also bamboo torch of various heights and sizes which can be found in shopping malls or even Masjid India.

9) Get all work done before the long holiday begins

To fully enjoy your Raya holiday, it’s always best to get all your work done beforehand. If you’re working full-time, discuss with your superior about your upcoming holiday and how you can manage your workload before you leave. You don’t ever want unfinished tasks to ruin your holiday, right? It’s not fun being haunted by unfinished tasks in your head when everyone else is enjoying Raya to the fullest. Be clear about the number of off-days you’re allowed to take. Plan and manage your workload wisely. That way, even when you’re not around, any project of which you’re involved in will still run smoothly. No stress!

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