Why Should I Visit Beautiful Terengganu In Malaysia?

Terengganu beach

Terengganu, is one of the must-visit states in Malaysia. As a start, it is good to mention that it possesses some of the most magnificent and heavenly islands that everyone should check out. 

Sitting on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Terengganu remains as one of the lesser-known states there. While seemingly small in size, Terengganu holds several surprises that has its travellers squealing in delight. 

1# The Awesome Murals And Art Installations In Chinatown’s Alley.

Images via theTravelintern.com

You will need no direction finding Chinatown, or as the locals call it Teng Lang Po or Kampung Cina. One major giveaway would be the huge entrance arch that is adorned with a pair of Chinese dragons at the top. Another would be the rows of red lanterns strung across parallel shophouses.

An eyeshot away from the mouth of Terengganu river and the trading port, the Chinatown today was where the earliest Chinese settlements congregate. But gone are the days of dilapidated shophouses, foul streets filled with dangerous alleys. The Chinatown today is far from that.

Although minuscule in size, the street now exudes a vibe of youthful exuberance, quite evident from the riot of colours stemming from gorgeous murals, repainted shophouses, and cool art installations that reside in the inconspicuous alleys.

2# Visit Pasar Payang

Image via Sumai Hotel

Pasar Payang’ is famous among the locals and tourists.From handicrafts, handmade bags, batik shirts to food,you name it… Be ready to bring back some souvenirs home from the ‘Pasar Payang.’

You can can get anything here..food, household, cloth, children wears, batik cloth and many more. If you want to find authentic spice of Pantai Timur, you can have it in here.

3# Visit the Islamic Civilization Park

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The Islamic Civilization Park is a tremendously cool place. In Malay, it is called as the ‘Taman Tamadun Islam’ and it houses modern age Islamic architecture as well artworks.

There are 22 scaled models of historical monuments which are situated at the Monument Park. The main star of this place is the floating Crystal Glass Mosque.

Known as an ‘Edutainment’ park, this attraction permits all visitors to learn more about the Islamic Civilization from a different and unique perspective.

4# The Historical And Gorgeous Terrapuri Heritage Village

Image via Terrapuri.com

Drawing inspiration from the 17th century Terengganu Palace, the Terrapuri Heritage Village is a restoration and conservation project-cum-villa, boasting 29 restored antique Malay houses that span between 100 to 250 years old.

Each of these ancient houses has been meticulously refurbished to emulate the village into its former glory, even details pertaining to Malay Feng-shui were not forgotten as well. Besides the enriching Malay architecture, the luxurious villas come with indoor air-conditioning, rain showerhead, wooden bathtubs and more.

Image via terrapuri.com

An outdoor pool sits at the back of the villa, where you can head in for a quick dip. Right at the entrance of the villa, a scenic beachfront facing the South China Sea awaits.

5# Island Lover Must Go to Redang Island

We love Island! Who doesn’t? It would be unfair if we do not mention one of the most famous Island destinations in Malaysia for locals and foreigners alike. None other than, the ‘Redang’ Island.

This Island is so majestic and has breath taking crystal teal waters which are perfect for diving, snorkeling, and trekking activities. What can you do here?

Perhaps, this is the right Island for you to plan a romantic trip with your loved ones, a fun family getaway, or maybe just a diving trip with buddies who love the combination of beach, sun and water!

6# Snorkelling at Perhentian Island

The Perhentian Islands are a small group of beautiful, coral-fringed islands off the coast of northeastern Malaysia in the state of Terengganu, not far from the Thai border.

Perhentian Islands located 21 km off coast of Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia, attracts thousands of tourists every year.  Located in Besut district.

What Activitiew You Can Do In Perhentian Islands?

  • Snorkelling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Kayaking
  • Relaxing

7# Join in Squid Jigging from March until Early June

Squid jigging is one of the must-try activities. Travellers can arrange with the local fishermen to take them on a boat-ride to a squid jigging location, around one hour from the jetty.

Once at the location, the fisherman can guide you on how to do squid jigging using the gears that they prepared. The sense of achievement in catching live squids on your own is precious. Travellers can even cook the caught squid on the boat and enjoy them fresh from the sea!

8# Watching Turtles Lay Eggs or Releasing Turtle Hatchlings

Turtles Lay Eggs

Since Teluk Mak Nik Beach is recorded to have the highest number of turtles coming in to lay eggs, the Turtle Conservation Program has been set up to make sure that every egg laid at Teluk Mak Nik Beach has higher chance of survival.

At Teluk Mak Nik Beach, travellers can join in releasing baby turtles into the sea or even watch the turtles come to shore at night to lay eggs. However, prior arrangements need to be done with Pok Su, the humble guide who takes care of the turtles at this beach.

9# Hiking At Bukit Keluang

Bukit Keluang has some of the best coastal scenery in Malaysia with lovely beaches, a wooden walkway along the cliff edge, sea caves and a 141 meter high hill with a superb view over the South China Sea.

It is located in Terengganu about 6 km south of the town of Kuala Besut which is where travellers catch boats to the Perhentian Islands.

The base of the hill was right on the water’s edge and there were steps leading up to a wooden walkway built on the rocks above the water line.

The walkway clings to the hillside and leads to a couple of sea caves inhabited by bats. At low tide it is possible to walk round to the caves but at high tide, which is what it was during my visit, the walkway is the only safe way to access the caves.

There you go, the amazing and full of varieties places as well as activities you can do while visiting Terengganu.

Remember, sometimes, a quiet and not so called a metropolitan city would have more for you to discover. Enjoice guys!

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