Must-Eat Food In Terengganu.

Malaysia is always famous for its variety of foods. Although the whole country is like a huge dining place, there are still foods ‘belongs’ to certain places or places that stand out as representing some particular cooking or foods.

If that’s the case, do bear in mind that your food-taste adventure will not be complete without visiting Malaysia’s food heaven, Pantai Timur or the East Coast! Let’s start with Terengganu’s food!

Here, we list 10 must-eat or at least must-try food in Terengganu.

1# Nasi Dagang.


Think about Terengganu, sure will think about Nasi Dagang!

Nasi Dagang is the most signature dish from Terengganu. Basically a mix of rice with glutinous rice and then added with coconut cream once cooked. The rice is always served with sidelines of fish curry, hard-boiled eggs and some vegetable pickles.

2# Keropok Lekor.

Credit: Kemaman Fat Boy

Some people say, keropok lekor id originally from Kg.Losong. What is Keropok Lekor actually? It is a type of finger food specially made in Terengganu. The delicacy is made from fish meat grounded with sago and salt, then rolled into a long tube shape like sausages and then boiled or fried. It is best eaten when dipped in chili sauce provided by the stall. The keropok can be found at most of the places in Terengganu.

3# Satar.

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Satar is very hard to find in another place. Pretty, some Malaysian do not know what is it? Satar is basically deboned and mashed fish mixed with grated coconut, ginger, pepper, chillies, tumeric leaves and bay leaves. It’s then wrapped in a cone-shaped banana leaf, skewered and grilled over hot coals.

4# Nasi Kerabu.

Credit: triphackerz

Nasi Kerabu is a blue-coloured rice dish, a popular dish among the people staying in East Coast Malaysia. The color of the rice is due to the fact of cooking the rice using petals of Kembang Telang (clitoria ternatea flowers). Typically the rice is served with various herbs, fried keropok (crackers), pickles and vegetables and often eaten with solok lada. Nasi Kerabu is a traditional Malay cuisine with a bit of Thai influence. In southern Thailand, this dish is called khāoyam.

At some places, the dish also comes with a choice of grilled beef or fried battered fish. This combination of flavours will all create a uniquely beautiful taste in your mouth that you will never forget!

5# Laksam.


Laksam is a delightful dish not to be missed when you visit Terengganu. Don’t miss it!

Prepared with wheat and rice flours, is eaten with special gravy made from fish meat that is boiled, pureed and mixed with coconut milk hence the wonderful fragrant smell and rich flavor.

For spiciness, you can add some sambal to the dish. Like made other local dishes, laksam is one of the staple breakfast menu in Terengganu.

6# Ketupat Sotong.


Ketupat Sotong, are made from glutinous rice which soaked in coconut milk and then stuffed into the squids. It is a popular dish enjoyed by the locals here especially during tea time.

This delicacy can be found in most of the food stalls here in Terengganu. Visitors must try it whenever you come across it.

This dish is both sweet and filling and another favourite menu for tea time in Terengganu.

13 thoughts on “Must-Eat Food In Terengganu.

  1. Why must I see all this food this early in the morning? Now I want my laksam & Nasi Kerabu, please. I have yet to try the Ketupat Sotong just yet. Where can I get the best ones in KL?

  2. Halaah! Semua sedap! Cx paling suka nasi dagang ganu. Sedap. Dekat tempat lain tak padu macam Ganu. Nasi kerabu pon suka juga. Halahh sedapnyaa. Terliurrrr. Semua cx sukalah senang cerita hahhaha! Paroh!

  3. semua tu my fav foods… memang seronok ke terengganu sebab banyak makanan yang best dan rare.. 1st time i pergi terengganu dan terus jatuh hati dengan nasi kerabu. sata pun i suka sebab rasa ikan manis-manis pedas..terliur pulak

  4. Dari dulu saya tau makanan Terengganu enak-enak belaka, tapi itu pun orang ceritalah….saya sendiri belum pernah menjejakkan kaki ke Terengganu. Hopefully one fine day, I have a chance to visit Terengganu.

  5. All this are my favorites food. My mom is kelantanese and have relatives in terengganu… Definitely we love all the foods there automatically… Hahahaha
    Bite you make me so craving especially the stuffed squid

  6. Sedapnya !!! Ya allah nasi dagang terengganu is the best. Lain rasa dia drpd penjual2 kt pasar atau tepi jalan. Satar tu pon best jugak. Haihhhh mengimam pulak nk makan

  7. ah I love all the food here. Especially the Nasi Dagang. It’s not easy to have a good Nasi Dagang here in KL kan. look like gonna make a trip there to eat eat eat

  8. Allahu. Lapar terus bila baca artikel ni. Who can resist this kind of food. Fuh, good bye to diet if we go to Pantai Timur. Heaven place for food. Just eat, don’t regret.

    Sata definitely my all time favorite

  9. Aduhaiii! time kita tengah lapar and baca entry ni… memang terliur la. Anyway i memang suka makan masakan terengganu, lebih lebih lagi nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, keropok lekor… omggg how to diet macam tu. Thanks for the recommendations I will try it out when i m there.

  10. For me its Nasi Dagang, Nasi kerabu and keropok lekor all the way. In KL very hard to find Nasi Kerabu that is really yummy. SO might as well taste them when at Terengganu.

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