La Hot Spring, Besut

kolam air panas La Besut

La Hot Spring or “Kolam Air Panas La” (in Malay languange) is located in Hulu Terengganu remote area about 28 km or around 45 minutes to drive from Jerteh Town.

This tourist center was opened to the public as a tourist center in 1992.

This recreation center has actually long existed and have been visited by local residents during weekends and public holidays to enjoy the beauty of nature.

To get there, the public transport is not really available. Better way is to contact local tour provider like Jenoba Outdoor to bring you to this place. They will provide transport, meal and even organise you a hiking/trekking/camping trip around this place.

Visitors have the opportunity to watch the hot water which shoots out from a hill slope and flow directly into a pool. Eventhough it is called hot springs, a cold river stream is also available so you can choose either one. The river stream is shallow and perfect for kids.

kolam air panas La

The hot water which flows contains sulfur or belerang  chemical with the heat of 49 degrees celcius. It is good for curing skin diseases and can be used for bathing. Hot water containers, Wadding Pool, are also available here.

Apart from that, there are also man made hot springs and spa-like pools meant for the public to enjoy the warmth of the hot springs with privacy. The number of visitors coming to this place has never lessen as there are people coming everyday. The main attraction is the natural hot spring which is believed to be able to cure diseases while maintaining body freshness.

La Hot Spring also provides various facilities for the public such as rest house, musalla, lavatories, restaurants and many others.

Place is well maintained and the toilet is super clean. Facilities is complete with Surau and restaurant. You can book a room here or book a campsite.

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